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Jump-Start Performance Co. kicks off it’s 30th season with SERPIENTES Y ESCALERAS, a new play featuring Jump-Start Company members and community artists.


Concept by Erik Bosse & Pamela Dean Kenny
Script by Erik Bosse & Laurie Rae Dietrich

March 6-8, 12-14, 19-21, 26-28
Sunday, March 8 at 3 p.m.
All other shows at 8 p.m.

Admission: $15 general admission, $12 students & seniors, $10 for groups of 10 or more.

You’ve got a seat in the studio audience for the live broadcast of Serpientes y Escaleras, The Network’s most popular nightly game show. Maybe you’ll be lucky, and your ticket stub will be drawn from the fishbowl! You’ll get a chance to re-live key moments of your life and see if they were Serpientes (boo!) or Escaleras (yay!)… If you land on enough Escaleras, you could win the game and get your big break!

It’s a special night here at Serpientes y Escaleras. A new cast member, Justice (fresh from the Network’s Empathacting Institute) is joining the show, and Ida, one of the head honchos from Network, is here to make sure Justice settles in comfortably. Rumor is Ida may even do a little empathacting herself!

But don’t worry. All your old favorites are here. Show-runner Silverio Morena (Sye for short) and psychic mistress-of-ceremonies Saligia Jones. Fan favorite and associate-producer-on-the-rise Michael, and the Fabulous Chicas Bonita & Paprika. Whether or not you end up onstage, you’ll have a great seat, so just settle in and watch the show. As Sye says… “Welcome to the fast-paced game show of virtues and vices, successes and setbacks, where you can climb the ladder to the pillowy clouds, or take a scaly, snaky ride deep into the unforgiving swamp… Welcome to SERPIENTES Y ESCALERAS!

It’s just a game, right?

Directed by Laurie Dietrich (JSPC) and featuring Bosse (JSPC) & Kenny (JSPC) as well as company member Michele Simpson and community artists Monessa Esquivel, Martha Prentiss & Clint Taylor. Set & Lights by Karen Arredondo, Costumes by Mellissa Marlowe (JSCP Board member). Video & Sound Design by Bosse.

Jump-Start Performance Co. is generously supported by the City of San Antonio's Office of Cultural Affairs, Kronkosky Charitable Foundation, the National Endowment of the Arts, a grant from the Ruth Lang Charitable Fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation, the Texas Commission on the Arts, and theFund.

For more info or to purchase tickets please call (210) 227-5867 or purchase directly online! SERPIENT



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